Thursday, February 3, 2011

it's the start of a new season


I thought I'd share a little about our dinner this evening since it was special for us. We celebrated Setsuban...a Japanese tradition. Here's a little more about how we celebrated starting with dinner.

Notice the sushi without the nori...I'm not a fan of seaweed...I can't stand anything that has seaweed in it. That's mine...without seaweed and I loved it! Which is a big surprise for me.  Every one said I wouldn't leave Japan without loving sushi. While eating the sushi, we had to face a certain direction {the direction changes each year} and you can't talk while eating your roll. It brings you luck when you eat it without talking. {I think this is correct...I'm still learning all about it}

After the meal, we were excited to throw our beans...yep, we threw beans to get rid of the bad spirits and bring good luck in to our home. Our sweet cleaning lady also cooks for us...every Thursday she arrives with her groceries from the Japanese market and cooks us dinner {and cleans it up afterwards...thank goodness} before she leaves. I love this! I've also started shopping at the market and trying some of the things she makes.

Here she is...

The beans {roasted soy beans} that we threw at whoever was wearing the mask, they all took turns wearing it. Once your throw the beans at the person, they run out of the house {getting the bad spirits out} and then put on another mask {the happy one} and we throw beans at them again...bringing in the good luck. The kids had a great time and this is a memory they will always have of  Japan.  February 3rd is the day for is the day before the beginning of spring in Japan. The name literally means "seasonal division".


  1. Oh yummy! :) Sounds like fun. :)

  2. Love hearing about your life in Japan...

  3. that's so fun. thanks for sharing. i love that yall are participating in japanese traditions. and i love that you have british castle dishes in japan!! (i have those dishes in NC.)