There once was a girl named Marsha. She was a full time mommy to three wonderful children while running a full time photography business. She loved every minute of the late night editing and tag team parenting while photographing at sunset on the beach in the coastal town of Coronado, California. The same thing that took them to the fabulous beach town took them away~ the U.S. Navy.
She unwillingly moved to DC following her husbands orders to the Pentagon. The scenery had changed~ there was no beach, no cute cottages. In her heart she knew she didn’t have the inspiration to photograph anyone but her offspring.

She also knew she wanted to be involved in her love of photography but didn’t want to start over with the daunting task of building up a new business in her new town. She had done that before only to leave loyal clients behind. So on August 1, 2009, the Savvy site was started. She had a vision for a blog that would inspire other photographers…a place of inspiration and dedication to all things she loved. 

In the first year of the Savvy blog, over five hundred thousand people have been inspired. The Savvy blog is now the talk of the town for photographers all over the world.

Marsha is thrilled to offer her readers a savvy place to buy all the things she loves and is excited to bring you The Savvy Photographer Store.

Just in case you are wondering, her scenery has changed again…this time it has taken her around the world. Keep an eye out for new sources of inspiration from her new home in Japan.

Enjoy your time here on the Savvy site~ may it be your daily dose of inspiration.