Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BonjOrganization~ an organizational guide for the overwhelmed photographer

As a photographer and mom, many of us wonder  “How can we do it all?”

We think the answer might be the creation from Kelli France~ The Bonjorganization Guide.

Here's what Kelli had to say about it... "I wasn’t always organized.  The strategies that I share are ones I had to learn the HARD way when my life was getting WAAAAY out of wack and I almost wanted to quit.  Now, I incorporate the ideas and suggestions included in the BonjOrganization guide on a daily basis to keep my life in check.  Oh how I wish I had had this guide years ago!  The Bonjorganization guide was designed to help the overwhelmed Mom photographer.  The BonjOrganization is a 50 page pdf guide teaching the art of balancing work & family along with client and time management. Bonus items include “Worst First” charts for the entire family, Mom-preneur schedule, client checklists, and much more."

To find more about the BonjOrganization Guide. check the Savvy Photographer Store.


  1. I Like both on FB. I would love to have this to help with my blogging!!

  2. Amazing photography blog!!! Wishing you happiness in your life in Japan now.
    greetings from Chile
    maria cecilia