Friday, September 3, 2010

fly with angie warren

what is fly

a unique, one on one creative haven offered both online and here in the bay area.

yes i said one on one. finding yourself in your photography. finding your voice, your art and learning what makes your photos you. pushing through your own winter and coming out fresh and ready to tackle your passion with a new set of eyes. nothing technical, nothing about business. it’s quite the opposite actually. that has been my journey the last year. going from feeling like i needed to do what so and so did to realizing that i’mMUCH happier when i’m being me and shooting the way i like to shoot. releasing those demons. i had to strip it all down to find the ME in my photography, to appreciate and love it. i want to help you do the same.

the story behind fly

since the day i launched the creative mama back in january of ‘09 i had a vision of helping other women, mamas, creative souls. i knew that first step was TCM, however. at the time i wasn’t sure where it would lead or what my heart would tell me – but the events of this last year have brought it all to fruition.

you see i went through a very difficult season of life in 2009, it was definitely a “winter”. PPD was still weighing heavily in my heart and i was overwhelmed, lost, and just plain burnt out. i was grasping for straws, trying to fit into this “mold” that i felt i needed to wear (as a mother, a wife, a friend, blogger, but mostly a photographer). it was uncomfortable and painful in both an emotional and physical way. i wrote a bit about it for the i am enough collaborative here.

it took a heart-wrenching journey but i stripped down all the layers i’d been harboring and found a raw and fresh ang. i dug deep and revealed this amazing artist who had been just absolutely crushed because of the lies and standards i myself had set. no one else.

it was time for me to fly and once i did i felt a freedom i can’t begin to describe.

like a beacon in the night i felt such a strong urge to help other artists. without prompting, i began to get emails and messages from such amazing women – i read the pain in their words and the heartache they too feel as they've lost touch with that inner-most being that got them to pick up that camera in the first place. i haven’t shared too much of my journey online but the bits and pieced i did through my blog, seemed to have spoken to them. i’m humbled and honored. i can now look back at that time with the certainty that although it was rough, i wouldn’t be the same person i am today had i not gone through it.


~registration opens monday morning, september 6.
~only four available one on ones will be scheduled for 2010.
~if you feel as though you are ready to fly, the next step is signing up for the mailing list by clicking here.


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