Tuesday, August 30, 2011

walls we love

Walls we love...
Photographer Anna Mayer captures her clients beautifully and they in return display their images beautifully! Her blog shows some of the many wall displays of her clients images along with images of her own family displayed in a super fun way containing 20 square images....we think these walls are wonderful inspiration~ what have you created for wall art? Show us! If we use your images on the Savvy blog, we will send you a digital goody package!

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Picture it on Canvas is offering 40% off their metal prints today! Imagine the wall you could create with those while saving 40%!


  1. Are these printed on canvas or just mounted on mat board or foam board? LOVE!!

  2. OOOO, I love this! I am doing a whole serious about this on my blog in September. Different bloggers sharing their portraits each day;)

  3. Oh my goodness! LOVE this : ) Thanks for sharing!