Friday, August 28, 2015

How are you? are you? I mean it's been like a year since I've been here to chat with the Savvy readers! Life has been crazy as you all know. But things are is good! I've missed blogging and chatting with you all. I started the Savvy blog six years ago this month! That's crazy, huh? It's been a fun journey meeting so many of you and getting to know you! I hope to come back to blog more often. 

Many of you have emailed to check in and ask a few questions...thank you for that!!
So here's what's going on...

My daughter is doing great! Just started third grade and loving it! Her speech is wonderful and you would never know she had so many problems last year! She still has seizures occasionally and is still on high doses of seizures medications but for the most part she is doing good! Her learning is improving day by day! And she's at the top of the charts for her fashion and style :) It's her thing...styling outfits and creating new looks inspired by favorite Disney shows (if you have a young daughter, I'm sure you know all about this...Maya and Riley, K.C. and Marisa, etc). So basically my little girl is growing up and become a tween. She wants to be a fashion designer or a teacher... and she will be great at either! 

My middle son is doing great! He was very sick last year (exactly one year ago he was in the hospital with surgeons preparing him to have a very scary surgery) and with many prayers he recovered without having surgery. He will always fight this immune disease and thankfully he is doing great with infusions every eight weeks to keep him healthy. He started back football (made the varsity team...yay!) and is excited to play. Unfortunately he isn't getting to play right now due to a knee injury this week. This boy is going to heal quickly and be on that field soon!  

My oldest son is a SENIOR! That makes me want to cry. So many of our friends and family are sending kids off to college and I tear up just seeing the pictures. I will enjoy this year with him and savor every minute he wants to hang with me. (which is not existent right now but I know he'll start asking to hang with me...right?)

Other questions from my readers...

Am I still doing the blog?  Today I am :)

Is the Savvy Store still up? Yep! I'm still selling the flooring and some awesome frames! Would love for you to check them out here~ The Savvy Store 
I love the new Farmhouse frames!! The stone gray is very popular right now :)

Am I planning any more workshops? Nope...I had a wonderful time planning the workshops but I know I need to be here with my family and not off at the wonderful beach having fun with all the girls...and yes~ I miss it! But you have to follow your gut feeling and mine says to slow down and enjoy these kids...they do leave before you know it. 

Thanks for listening to my rambling post! 

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