Thursday, June 2, 2011

pretty in pink

My daughter's room...full of everything girly. And everything Savvy! Most of my house is pretty Savvy inspired...which should be no surprise to anyone. I love these colors and can't help but fill most rooms with the colors that inspire me...and delight me. My boy's rooms are now off limits to my decorating "style". I never did pink in their rooms...promise...but I did an all white nursery for my first son and my second son had a bit of color...the green of course. I added a fun nautical blue to their rooms and loved the beach inspired look. We did live at the beach and the nautical theme mixed with a little shabby chic was fun at the time. But now... no more decorating by mom...that's so uncool. 
My little pink loving girl lets me decorate all I want. {for now}

The frames are from the Cottage Collection and the canvases are from the Beach House Collection in the Savvy Store. You have to check out the new look of the store...I love it!!
Thank you to my wonderful designer~ Christine at Deluxe Modern



  1. Her room is so perfectly sweet! Love it!

  2. So sweet Marsha, love her headboard and the coral on her bedside table. XO

  3. LOVE!! Im drooling over here....Where in the world did you find the sweet headboard and side table?

    I adore this room! All of it.

  4. That is such a beautiful little girls room!