Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Amazing Workshop Seat giveaway!!!

This is really big!!
I was thinking how thankful I am for such an amazing following here on the Savvy blog and I wanted to do something big...and I think giving one hard working girl a free seat to the February 2013 Savvy Sisterhood Workshop is pretty fabulous...and also giving 4 other girls a chance to come to the workshop on a partial scholarship is also pretty awesome. So here it is...the big giveaway!!! 

We will choose five finalist...those five finalist will be announced on the Savvy Blog and the viewers will choose our grand prize winner! The remaining four will be offered a $500 scholarship towards the purchase of a workshop seat. 

How do you enter?

A winner will be chosen from five categories...
(1) The Savviest Social Media Girl
(2) The Savvy Gossip Girl
(3) The Savvy Writer
(4) The Savviest Pinner
(5) The Savviest Image Creator

Below is an explanation of each category and how you can win:

The Savviest Social Media Girl~
She knows her way around the social media sites and gets the word out. She can create a buzz on Facebook and Twitter and help spread the Savvy love. 
Get creative with your social on Facebook that you are trying to win a seat at the Savvy Workshop...and ask your friends and followers to help you win. Make sure you link to the Savvy Workshop and tag the Savvy Photographer on Facebook so we can see your mad marketing skills. Tell your friends to like your post...and share it on their page...the more likes and shares you get, the better your chances of winning. And tweet away and tag us on twitter (thesavvyphoto)...and link to the workshop page

The Savvy Gossip Girl~
She's the girl with all the gossip...but good gossip! Get out there on all the photography forums and spread the word about the Savvy workshop. Don't be obnoxious about it...just let the girls know you are hoping to win a spot at this fabulous workshop and you want to spread the word. And they just might want to come hang out with you and be your new best friend...or Savvy Sister. So spread some gossip and then email us with a screen shot of your post and the forum where you posted. 

The Savvy Writer~
She is a Carrie Bradshaw "wanna be" but will take a latte over a Cosmo for her late night editing. She chooses cleaning up her kids messes over a limo ride with Mr. Big...but she has big dreams! 
Show us your writing skills and blog about it...and tell us (and your readers) why you think you should be enjoying the Savvy workshop in February (instead of wiping runny noses for the weekend). 
Make sure your blog post includes a link to the Savvy Workshop and then you need to email us a link to your post or post a link on the Savvy Facebook Page. 

The Savviest Pinner~
She has the most fabulous boards on Pinterest that we all know her, the Savvy pinner...are you her?
Well if so, make a board and title it "My Savvy Loves"...and pin away from the Savvy Photographer blog. Pin your favorite images and products...and the best board wins! (And make sure you pin some of those fabulous workshop pictures!) *email us a link to your board to enter

The Savviest Image Creator~ 
She can create fun images and can hashtag like no other! Are you creative at creating images..well this is your category! Create your image and shoot away...but it must contain the words Savvy Workshop in it! This one should be can spell it out with food or anything...just get creative and shoot. And then post it on Instagram with the hashtag #savvyworkshop. (if you don't have Instgram, you can email it to us). Have fun with it...get the kids involved...and we give bonus points for including pink and green! Follow the Savvy Workshop on Instagram at Savvyworkshop 

HERE'S the important have until Sunday, December 2nd at 6pm to do one or all of these fabulous things to enter!! The deadline for entries is 6:00pm EST...again I repeat, the deadline is Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 at 6pm EST.
If you have created a Pinterest board, wrote a blog post or created an image, you must email us your link before 6pm. You must finish your hashtagging and social media shout outs before exceptions. 

Email entries to and the subject line should be "workshop entry".

We will choose the winners from the five categories and announce on Tuesday, December 4th! 
The top five finalist will be presented on the blog on December 5th and the grand prize winner will be announced on December 11th, 2012.

Good luck Savvy Girls!!!

**This contest is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. 
The winner must be over 18 years of age. The winner will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and cost. The winner will win three nights stay at a wonderful Alys Beach home and workshop tuition. 



  1. This is so amazing Marsha, I just love your blog, dream of your workshop and now this!! eek!

  2. I am there right now!!! It is FABULOUS!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Okay..I have tweeted..shared on FB (which I couldn't tag you BTW) and here are my boards..

    I will summit my photographs..soon :)

  4. awe, i wish i would have seen this by Dec. 2nd!!! I would have loved to go!