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I wanted to share some great info with you from Leslie Kerrigan, the sweet girl behind the Seniorologie blog
Here's what Leslie has to say~

"Last month when I was in Texas, I met up with some friends to chat, have breakfast and have a great time.  Over huge, Texas-sized lattes (mine was a yummy snickers latte that I still dream about) at a little cafe in Dallas, four women laughed, talked and brainstormed.  One of those women I had the pleasure of hanging out with was Katie Norris of Fotolanthropy.  I introduced y’all to Katie this week during Topic Tuesday.  If you missed it, check out the video here.

At Cafe Brazil, Katie shared with all of us her hopes for Fotolanthropy, some of the stories they have covered and some stories that they were working on.  My brain kicked into overdrive and I was giddy with excitement.  Courtney Delaura of Atlar’d State was also giddy and between all of us we started planning.  Listening to Katie talk, I knew meeting her back at WPPI the year before was meant to be.

You see, with Seniorologie, I have been wanting to do something that would make a difference.  I had been trying to come up with something on my own but nothing really clicked.  Nothing took hold of my heart until that day over lattes!

Giving back is something that makes a difference.  It helps our hearts as much, if not more, than the people we are giving to.  And being able to give the gift of photography to someone inspiring, someone who has overcome a tragedy or circumstance, truly is a gift for anyone involved.  As photographers, we capture memories.  But what do we really give our clients??  We give them something that lasts forever.  A moment in time.  A tangible thing that just by looking at it, takes them back to that day, that smile, that emotion and that time in their lives.  Happy times or sad times, triumphant times or times of survival…whatever it is, we, the photographers, are their to capture it and tell the story.

I am so excited to announce that Seniorologie and Altar’d State are partnering withFotolanthropy to find one DESERVING, INSPIRING teen to give the gift of photography.  And we need YOUR help to find he or she.  With all of us coming together, to share stories of deserving young girls or boys, we will be able to find someone with a story to share and a story that will inspire others.

Fotolanthropy gives the gift of photography to so many…families, children, soldiers and many more.  We thought it would be amazing to give this gift to a high school student or teen this holiday season.  A teen who has been through something such as cancer, a victim of bullying, a survivor of a car crash, sports injury or tragedy, or a teen that has been in foster care but has come out better and helped other teens.  Whatever the story is, wherever the teen is, we want to hear from you about this person!

We will begin accepting applications through the form on the Fotolanthropy site (click here) today, November 15 through November 29.  Fotolanthropy, Seniorologie and Altar’d State will determine the top four stories and share them on our blogs during the week of December 3.  We will share each of these top four stories so that everyone can have a chance to have their story heard.  Friday, December 7 we will announce the winner.

This teen will receive a photo shoot by the Fotolanthropy team, Seniorologie and the lucky photographer that nominated them.  They will also receive a video telling their story, an album of the photos captured, the photos on a cd for them to keep, hair and makeup for their photo shoot, an outfit provided by Altar’d State and more!

See below for all the details!  Please help spread the word and help us find a deserving and inspiring teen this holiday season!!

To nominate a teen, see below:

Teen must be between the ages of 15-18
To nominate someone, please fill out the nomination form on the Fotolanthropy Site – click here
If a photographer nominates the winning story, they will have the opportunity to join Fotolanthropy, Seniorologie, Altar’d State and the entire Fotostory Team to help capture this story.
The teen will receive a free photo shoot and video shoot to tell their inspiring story, clothing by Altar’d State, hair and makeup, an album, a cd of images and more!"

Thank you Leslie for sharing the project with Savvy readers.  I think they are doing amazing things at Fotolanthropy!
We also love the camera straps created by the founders of Fotolanthropy~ Fotostrap
They sent us a camera strap to give as a doorprize at the Savvy workshop and we loved it!! The quality was amazing and the fact that they give back with every strap purchased makes it a great purchase while helping do great things.


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