Sunday, August 30, 2009

More beautiful newborns...

More beautiful newborns from Carrie Sandoval...

they put a smile on your face...don't they?

Carrie shared with us some of her home/studio images.

"First, my living room! Displaying family pictures... I'm an interior designers worst nightmare!" Carrie

{ I think it looks great...there's nothing else I'd rather see in a home than images of those who live there...}

More tomorrow from Carrie...

and I'll announce the giveaway for this Friday!



  1. Jaw is on the floor. I love all the photos she displays in her home. Beautiful.

  2. Her work takes my breath away!!! Love her living room too:)

  3. Beautiful!!!! Love the photo display in the office. I'd love to know where you got the frame collage Carrie... :)

  4. AMAZING photos. Love the wall display in the family room - LOVE IT. Curious what sizes???