Friday, September 4, 2009

my images {add music} SWEETNESS!

We all have the images...

waiting on our computers...until we decide what to do with them. Maybe an album I decide...then realize how many albums I would need to create {just for the last year of my childrens lives} and now...I've decided...a super cool music video is the answer.

For some reason my kids seem sweeter set to music...makes my life feel like a love story...I meet the man of my dreams...marry him...make three wonderful babies...and here they are...for me to watch {set to tear jerking music...I think that's key } and suddenly my life seems just perfect {until the next crisis about which princess dress she'll wear or the boys fighting over the remote}.

I love these guys at Animoto...such an awesome product that my clients love! If you choose the professional plan, you can make an unlimited number of videos and even make high quality DVD's from them. Such a great find...


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