Saturday, October 31, 2009

{The Canvas Collection Templates}

My lovely little wall is finished~ this little room {my office} is a sunny, well lit room...when it's not raining out...and it was raining when I took this.

We will hope for sun tomorrow and I will try again for a better image. {this gives you an idea}

I do love the makes me happy to glance up and see everything I hold so dear to my heart hanging on that wall {in colors that make my heart happy too!}

The templates are now available to's an instant download. Here's what you'll get...

The set contains 4 collections plus the bonus "family quote" template. The bonus template does not include any family quote is sorta special to me and I don't want to see it on any walls...just my own. That's something you write yourself {or the client writes} project for the entire family to write together. The four collections~ the Trellis Collection, the Linen Collection, the Damask Collection and the Smitten Collection are all layered psd files. You can change up the colors on most everything except the Linen Collection {which includes 5 color options}. Email me with any questions...have fun with these!

The Canvas Collection includes all 4 templates plus the bonus for $60.

Here's the link for purchasing the templates...

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  1. Very, very beautiful! I love the colors!

  2. Gorgeous! That is a wall that would make anyone smile.

  3. OH, I LOVE THIS!!! I want these templates SO bad! I'll have to hint around to the hubby 'bout these! Just gorgeous!

  4. beautiful wall. who do you use to print?

  5. LOVE! How do you print once you get templates?

  6. I agree with rosebailyphotoghrapy above, how do you print once you get the templates? I am really interested in these.

  7. once you have inserted your image {in photoshop} just save it and upload it to your lab or canvas dealer. I used Simple Canvas {think they are having a sale right now}. Someone else just emailed me and said she used them for mounted prints and they look great!! {use can use any lab for that}

  8. to what sizes can the templates be printed?
    What size do you have the damask ones shown
    on your wall? Thanks

  9. These are so cool - anything in the contemporary genre?

  10. These are beautiful, and I love your wall arrangement. Can you share what sizes yours are printed?

  11. I really like the linen collection, I'm uncertain of how this works though. It's a template and then I print it on canvas?