Friday, May 7, 2010

look what just arrived...

The Beach House Canvas Collection is $75

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Look what just arrived yesterday...the gallery wrap canvases using the Beach House Collection templates. I love them...they look so much like an actual wooded frame...don't they?
And it is a this!
The fabulous printing company did an amazing job with these, Great canvas company with a great owner...Jason is a great guy to work with! I highly recommend using them for printing the Beach House frame canvases. He knows how to work these and does a great job. {and his prices are great!} Email and introduce yourself and order something {even if it's not the boathouse frames}...and i think you will have a new canvas company!
Thanks Jason!


  1. Canvases??? Are you serious? These are amazing!!

  2. I love them. Will send you some pics when I get mine and they are up.

  3. These are SO cute Marsha. Can you come and decorate my house now??

  4. I do ALL my canvas through Jason and he is AMAZING!!! I always know that my canvas will turn out with awesome color, great craftsmanship, and always just when I need them. Plus, He is so great to work with. I HIGHLY recommend him!!! and...I am dying over these cute :)