Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Studio Tour from Lena Hyde

Thank you Lena for the tour!
Did I mention that this will soon be her old studio? She has a new fabulous space {4000 sq ft}...we can't wait to see pictures when it's finished!
If you haven't entered the giveaway from Lena and Design Aglow, you have until tomorrow.
I'm off to greet the packers today...send good thoughts my way, I need them. Moving has become quite the chore~



  1. I think its fab that you are showing all these studio tours, but for most photographers a studio is not a profitable or viable option. I wish in the future you would have a real article about what goes into maintaining a studio space (rent, maintainence, etc.), and how much additional income a photographer would have to bring in to maintain one. I live in the DC area and purchasing a studio space would hardly ever be a viable option.

  2. where does she print all that stuff? Is that part of that giveaway you are doing..

    I like the comment above because it would be interesting to know how much you have to make to be able to afford your own studio.

    But heck if all those pictures that where in the last picture are client stuff that they purchased well she is raking in lots of dough :)

  3. Wonderful! Would love to know, too, where she got that sawhorse project table!

  4. Marsha, thank you for featuring great photographers and inspiring us all. It was great meeting you at the workshop in March. Lena is a jewel.