Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a plane ride to paradise

One week from today we will be arriving here...any ideas where it is?

I simply can't wait.

Our first vacation since arriving in Japan. I'm giddy with excitement.

I think I'm leaving my laptop at home...seriously...can I do it? An entire week with no emails...no blogging...hmmm. The idea of it sounds nice.


  1. Vacation mode .... that is a good thing.. maybe Hawai... This destination
    looks absolutely beautiful and restful..

  2. I recognize Raffles Hotel - the birthplace of the Singapore Sling! Have a wonderful visit!

  3. you're going to singapore?? or rather, I imagine you're already there (and probably back by the time you get to read this). Came across your blog from the BYW class :) I've been taking a long time to go through everyone's blogs! Anyway, I'm originally from Singapore but now living in London. Would have loved to share some recommendations with you, maybe for next time! I'm looking forward to pictures from your trip: :)

  4. Singapore! Wow! Did you get to stay at Raffles?