Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good to be home

We are home from a vacation! I loved every minute of it (except maybe the food poisoning that hit the day of our sail around the Islands)...other than that, it was perfect. My husband took the boys on the cruise and they had a wonderful time. It was the highlight of their trip. I must admit I enjoyed staying at the hotel and having one on one time with my daughter. Sickness didn't stop our girl bonding time. The hotel was lovely (The Sheraton Grande Laguna in Phuket) and we were lucky to get a private villa. It was a three bedroom/3 bath beautiful villa with our own private pool. I'll show pictures tomorrow. Everything was wonderful...the food, the service, the beach, the weather!! Traveling to Thailand is definitely a perk of living in Japan.

Why does it take so long to recover from vacation? It was the most relaxing week but I'm more tired than ever. The trip home was over 14 hours and I missed an entire nights sleep that I'm still trying to catch up on. I don't know why I always think flying during the night is a good's not. But we are home and that's a good thing!

This weekend is a big weekend in our daughter turns five and it's Easter! Her birthday is on Easter but we are going to tell her it's on Saturday. Good thing she can't read a calendar yet. I don't want her to always think her Birthday is on Easter and I also think she deserves a day all to herself. Waking up to the Easter Bunny goodies doesn't feel Birthday-ish, huh?

Notice the picture above...a souvenir from my trip...on one of the new rugs I just got, the Argana Tile...I love it! It's great for product photography.

I also have another new one, Cabin Creek, that's fun and different. I will take some pics on it soon...for now, here's a shot of three of the wood patterns to show the difference and how they photograph. The Cabin Creek picture below is the runner...I like the large rug better because the sides are different and the runner doesn't show the weathered look of the sides. Here's a link to compare them...large one and the runner.

How about an Easter sale? Enter the code easter and save 15% on the rugs! You must use the link to the new and super easy to use new don't have to log in and make an account...just click and purchase...super easy! Click here ... and enter the discount code easter...and save 15% until Sunday, April 24th at midnight.


  1. Oh my goodness! I found you through the Florabella website. Was just going to come in to post a comment so I could be entered in the giveaway and it seems that I was too late. It's not taking anymore comments. Oh well! BUT....while I was here I started browsing around and just have to say that your homepage totally inspired me. Just want to say thanks for what you do here and sharing your life, inspirations, and thoughts!

  2. Thank you Mel! So sweet to hear...made my day!

    TYVM you've solved all my pborlems