Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Savvy Story...lessons learned

Good morning! 
We have gone back to the "old" blog...the original Savvy Photographer blog that I started August 1st, 2009. It's hard to believe it will soon be two years...it also feels like 10 years in some ways. I've poured my heart into this blog day and night since I started it...and by night I mean I can't sleep unless my iphone is next to me so I can check emails during the night...sad but true. Because of the 14 hour time difference, many emails that are important come through while I'm asleep and some need immediate answers. I've been known to get up more than once to answer an email or fix a banner that needs attention. 
Back to the story~ when I started the blog, I was thrilled people came to visit the site and read what I had to say...beyond thrilled! I loved the blog and poured more hours into it than I care to acknowledge. Moving around the world changed things a little. I was readjusting to a new life {still am} and my time to work became less frequent. My three kids needed a Mom more than ever with the demanding schedule of my husband's ship. We didn't see him for months and months...and I needed to be Mom and Dad. So...the blog suffered a little. 
BUT I also thought I should change things up...a new logo and a new blog. This is what I will say about that experience ..."if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all"...and take from that what you will. I will not bash anyone here...I will say I made a very costly mistake changing the blog and I have learned a lesson or two. I've had so many complaints about technical issues that so many of you were having when visiting the blog...imagine my disappointment in investing so much money to make something better that was great to begin with! So...back by popular demand...is the original blog! But with a fabulous facelift! I knew from the second I saw Christine's work that she was the one I needed to give the blog the look I craved. I also had a wonderful idea for another blog about decorating, art, food and style that would go behind the scenes to places I wanted to see...behind the decorating I love, the designers I adore, the business who create fabulous things...and "Behind the Fabulous" was born. I was giddy with the thought of having Christine give it the look to match the name...it had to be fabulous! Her designs were perfect! She introduced me to Amanda Fuller who would put the elements together and create a site I loved! I was so anxious to launch "Behind the Scenes" but had to put it on hold until I had the Savvy blog back to where it needed to be. And I knew the perfect people to help! Christine knows my style and she nailed the design...it's beautiful, clean, elegant...I could go on and on. Amanda put the blog together using Christine's designs...and wow~ love it! 
Thank you all for sticking with us through a rough patch...we are better now...better than ever!

To see more of Christine's work, visit her design site, Deluxe Modern. She also has a wonderful selection of pre-made logos at her shop, Dear Miss Modern and a fun new blog, Miss ModernShe would love to offer a discount code of 10% to Savvy readers...use the code...SAVVYMISS 
New logos and marketing sets will be coming soon to her shop and she will also have some "Savvy Exclusives" coming to the Savvy store!  Keep an eye out for those.

If you are in need of blog design, check out Amanda at Amanda Fuller Designs

Here's a peek at the new blog...Behind the Fabulous.
We still haven't officially launched but if you become a fan on Facebook, I will keep you updated when we launch.

Isn't it fabulous??

I wanted to show a wall that inspires me to go big..really big on my walls...love this room! The design is by Hillary Thomas. Love her work!!



  1. Love the new {old} look and I loved your old {new} look! Sorry to hear you had technical issues - it never affected me in any way. Hope it is smoother sailing for you now and can't wait for Behind the Fabulous!

  2. I think everything looks fabulous. I totally understand and agree with you on the "if you don't have anything nice to say..." the same thing happened to me when I changed my blog layout.

  3. Congratulations! I love your blog! I subscribe to you via email, so don't leave comments often. Way to go! Pat on the back! And great big hugs to you!

  4. I just recently discovered your blog and I wanted to tell you that I LOVE IT! L-O-V-E IT! I was hoping to get some advice from you about my lighting situation for my indoor studio. I just recently bought lighting and it is continuous lighting. I've since had some people tell me that I should have bought flash lighting. I only have experience shooting outdoors so the indoor studio setting is completely new to me. Any words of advice? HELP!!! Thanks, Jennifer Sagle

  5. Would you mind commenting on what were the technical issues? I never had any problems with either blog (don't know if it's because we're Mac users). I noticed you moved from Wordpress back to Blogger. Was it a Wordpress issue? We are looking at moving to Wordpress and I would like to hear about any issues with it.

    Thanks so much! I love your blog and check it every day.

  6. This is great! After the change a few months back, I had to stop following b/c I always had issues viewing and loading your site.

    It looks fabulous! I love Christine's work!

  7. Love the new look! Keep up the great work. Have I ever told you you inspire me?

  8. It looks great. I never had any problems with the site either way, but I always loved your page!

  9. Everything looks wonderful!! It is so hard to juggle so many things, and just wanted to let you know I think you are doing a fabulous job. I am a loyal fan for sure.....
    xoxo, Tiffany