Tuesday, November 22, 2011

where have I been?

Thank you to many for the concern over my "missing" status...we have been quite busy these days. Moving across the world yet again has been challenging to say the least! 
We have made it HOME! Our family is together after being apart for a month. I can't believe I didn't see my boys for 4 weeks...they grew like weeds. My daughter and I have been "down south" (Alabama) for the last 4 weeks taking care of my mom after her surgery. (Thank you all for the prayers!) My husband and the boys were in Japan finishing up school and now we are all here in Atlanta!

Yesterday was a huge day for us...we closed on our first home! I've waited 21 years for this house...yep, that's a long time! I love the house...love, love, love the house! I also love the neighborhood and the wonderful neighbors. We met them for the first time yesterday and it seems like we are old friends already.  

The movers bring our things tomorrow...the day before Thanksgiving. We are so thankful to be engulfed in this stressful time of moving...I can't complain a bit because we are finally home and together!

How have you been? I feel so out of the loop and can't wait to jump back in.

We have exciting things coming soon! Did I mention we will have a booth at Imaging this January in New Orleans? We love Imaging and hope to meet many of the Savvy readers there!!

Also...there will be a big change to the Daily Savvy Steal...I'll tell you all about it soon...very soon! I'm so excited about this!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Blessing to all of you!

I'll see you here on Friday...with lots of amazing sales to tell you about! 



  1. Wow! What a time you've had! So happy for you...this is my first time to comment, but I always appreciate your blog and the work you put into it! I sure hope to meet you at Imaging!

  2. Wow! Such exciting news for you! Congratulations on your new home and having everyone together. What blessings you will have to celebrate on Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy!

  3. I live in Atlanta, too. (Marietta, actually) The weather is so nice here right now, we are lucky not to be buring in snow! Have fun unpacking and enjoy your new house! Looking forward to all the good things with Savvy!

  4. So glad you are all together again. I will send up prayers for your mother. I'm excited you are going to be at imaging I will make a point to find your booth and introduce myself. I know you don't remember me but I'm in South Alabama. Can't wait to meet you in person.

  5. So glad to have you back, but I can't imagine a move like that! It's so much work to just move down the street, let alone across the world! I'm so happy you found a home you LOVE and that your family is back together! Welcome back!

  6. Welcome home! Such exciting goings-on for you! Hope your mom is mending and well. I'd love to see some pictures of your new home! ;)