Tuesday, December 11, 2012

and the winner is...

The polls have closed and we have a winner for the free seat to the Savvy Sisterhood Workshop! Congratulations to Heather Carraway! 

Heather has won a free seat at the February 2013 Savvy workshop and fabulous accommodations for three wonderful nights in Alys Beach, Florida.

The other four finalist each won a $500 scholarship to the February Savvy Workshop...congratulations to all five girls!

Our runner up, Lisa Furey, was so close to winning...it was neck and neck and she was so close! Don't worry Lisa, we have something special up our sleeve for you!

The race was so close it was crazy! I must apologize to all the girls for the stress this contest created...I had great intentions running the seat giveaway but instead I think it became a huge stressor for all those involved...not my intentions at all...and a lesson learned for me.  

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