Thursday, July 23, 2009

the scoop

Thanks so much to everyone for all the kind
{and super inspiring}
words about The Savvy Photographer!

The first interview will be on August first...

and we're having a launch party...join us if you are in the area {or just have a cocktail at home while thinking about us!}.

Everybody is here's the scoop on this new site.

We will feature 52 photographers in 52 weeks.


we will meet {& greet} our featured photographer.

Every week will be a little different depending on the photographer.

Some will answer questions...some will just tell us about their work {or what inspires them}...

we're gonna mix it up a little each week.


we get to see more about this photographer and some of their favorite images...


we will take a peek into their homes {my favorite part} and see how they display their images on their own walls.

~For those who need to maintain some privacy, we we may divert to different things sometimes~


let's see their they have a studio...we want to see it...what about marketing materials, us... yes, we want to see it...and get inspired!

{Wednesday & Thursday}

a little of this and little of that...

things we find inspiring.

We also welcome other photographers to send us their inspiring images of their homes...


giveaway day!! how fun is of our sponsors will give something fabulous away each Friday.

Come be inspired!

I look forward to this new venture.

let us know what you think...

leave a comment anytime...we'd love that!

Tracey Bower from Charlotte, North Carolina sent us a little inspiration.

Thanks Tracey...I love the images!
Check out her work at

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