Friday, September 25, 2009

and the winner is...

and the winner is...#55 Joan from Joan Rincon Photography.

Congratulations Joan!!!

Had to have a little more of guys love her! We had an amazing number of entries for this fabulous prize!
I'm sorry for all those who didn't many people really wanted this...we received so many great comments and some great stories...i wish everyone could of won...{including me!}...
I'm absolutely in love with The Inn at Perry Cabin! We are here...and it is fabulous! I drove over yesterday with my daughter...had lunch in the adorable little town...and then we arrived at the Inn. It's so perfect for the workshop! I honestly think this place will be the perfect location {and backdrop}'s beautiful! I'm taking lots of pictures to show you!
I'm off to have breakfast on the terrace {overlooking the water...sigh} with my favorite girl...



  1. OMG!!! I have seriously never won ANYTHING.... this is THE BEST EVER!! Thank you so much.... Checking the site this morning and seeing my name has totally made my entire fall! I am totally looking forward to this workshop. I think Marta is amazing and Savvy Photographer is the best. Thank you both! Joan

  2. Congrats to Joan - you are going to LOVE the WS. Beautiful feature of Marta, Marsha! Thanks!