Monday, September 7, 2009


If you payed attention to the witnessed first hand how close the voting was and how quickly it would change! We had an amazing 3662 people vote {it's needless to say our visits to the site have soared}...thank you to everyone who visited and voted!

Tomorrow is back to reality for my starts. I have mixed emotions about this. I must admit I love my boys being home and hanging out all day being kids....actually being "brothers". Once school starts, they don't really need each other as much and they become school kids {who act like they don't know each other}. Next week my sweet baby girl will start preschool...the tears will flow {for me...not for her}, she is thrilled!

Tomorrow will also be a new featured photographer!

And soon...very soon...I will give details about our "Savvy Sisterhood~ Workshop on the Waterfront"! I am so excited to tell you all the juicy details...plan for the end of March~ put it on your calendars and wait for the details!

I'm off to enjoy the last day of summer...


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