Sunday, September 27, 2009

{what to wear}

Need a little inspiration in the "what do we wear" department?

I always get clients asking for advice on what would look good for a family portrait...i love showing them what I think would make the picture really stand out and be fun. My client just booked a session for her five kids...and needed ideas {that wouldn't blow her picture budget} and here's what I sent her...from Target . The kids will coordinate...not all match...but coordinate {key word here}...

I also had several readers ask about the dresses my little girl wore for the images at Perry Cabin. Here's the info on those...the brown dress is from Matilda those dresses! i love all the clothing from there. The cream colored shirt under the dress...and the pink polka dot dress and pink paisley dress were both from Target. In some of the pictures, she insisted on wearing the two dresses together...I gave in and let worked {maybe} and I'll always remember that she chose it. And the boots...can't forget the boots...Target also...aren't they so cute! She loves boots...the first day of preschool she looked so cute in her brown corduroy dress {pictured above} and her brown boots. I chose the outfit and she loved it...then her new teacher said "how cute...she must have dressed herself !"... i had no response.

Have a great's raining here...great day to be lazy!



  1. Love "W2W" segments! I did several weeks worth of "Fashion Friday" during the height of my busy season this year. It helped so much! (families & other blog readers) Teal is a hot color this year! And SO funny about the preschool story. :) haha

  2. Would you be willing to share how you make these? I'd love to make one for my clients, but I can't figure out how you make them look so cute ;-)