Thursday, October 8, 2009

Heather Starr {workspace}...lovely!

I love her workspace...I'm a sucker for anything damask...especially black damask! Thank you Heather for letting us "visit" your workspace!

I know many of you wanted to know where to get the drool worthy products that Heather showed us yesterday...I even wanted to know!! Here's some juicy details...her wonderful image boxes with the CD holder is from Mpix pro. They are the new division of Millers Lab...and they have come out with some yummy products! I'm working on getting you fabulous readers a giveaway from Mpix Pro {just haven't heard back from them yet }.

The beautiful albums are from Asuka Book. She said she's tried many companies and she loved theirs best! The DVD covers are from j. lee. If you are a photographer and would like info on her canvases, email me.


Today is the last day to enter for the Animoto giveaway! We will announce the winner tomorrow...and show more beautiful images from Heather Starr! See you tomorrow...



  1. Absolutely drool-worth! I'm a lover of damask myself, so this room is eye-candy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. love heather. and holy cow, that's some serious (and beautiful) workspace. i can't even begin to imagine a separate room, where i was able to work. drool!

  3. Where does she get her 5x7 proof books???? Loving the work space!!!!

  4. Wow...I need to get a creative workspace after seeing all these awesome examples! Does it count that I have a cool photo on the desktop of my mac? haha.