Friday, October 9, 2009

and the winner is...

And the winner of the Animoto 3 month commercial pass is #47 Stephanie Fisher . Congratulations Stephanie!

{and thank you to for choosing our lucky winner}


Thought you might enjoy some more of Heather Starr's beautiful images...

Thank you so much to Heather Starr for a wonderful week full of beautiful images and inspiring words.
I love your work...and loved "meeting" you here at the Savvy Photographer! Come back were great to work with... and so gracious...thank you!
To see more of Heather's work, check out her website and blog.



  1. Congrats Stephanie! So tickled I know someone that won! (Christina H from the Photoboard)

  2. amazing picture, I came to know your blog from Keri ( I must say I am stunned! Really delicate and beautiful piece of work!