Thursday, October 1, 2009

{isn't she lovely}

Thank you so much to inspired us! Your work is beautiful..absolutely breathtaking!
You have to check out Jessica's site...this week on her blog she is having question and answer week...such great information...check it out...and you'll love her even more!!
And again...thank you Leslie Kerrigan for interviewing such a fabulous find! You can see Leslie's work here.



  1. hello! just wanted to say thanks so much for the lovely features and all of your kind words. you guys are such an amazing blog and i feel so lucky i got to be a small part of it! leslie also did an amazing job with the interview and i look forward to seeing more from her.

  2. Thanks Jess and Marsha!! I really enjoyed doing this interview, and I am so grateful that both of you let me be a part of your world!! You both continue to inspire everyone, and I will always be grateful for your help in making me want to be a better photographer!! Both of your blogs have helped me more than you can possibly know!! You two rock!!

  3. Jessica is amazing! So glad she was featured!