Wednesday, October 14, 2009

{project photography by Angie Warren}

Introducing Project Photography from Angie Warren

"This project came about as questions rolled in.
It seems that all the time I am asked questions from readers and friends alike, about how they can get better and more natural images of those they love.
Questions pour in, and I want to do my best to
answer but time doesn’t always allow it.
Thus became Project Photography.
I’ve loved the process and have put my heart into this e-book. Hopefully in some way, my passion can inspire others to keep clicking that shutter.
Who should buy this?
Project Photography was written for the ‘non-photographer’, meaning those of you who love taking pictures but wish you knew just a smidge more about your cameras and how to capture the moments you live each day. Whether you are a mom, wife, college student, or grandmother. You can have a Point & Shoot or a DSLR; some knowledge about your camera, or none at all. Just come with an open mind and your camera batteries charged!
What’s included?
Project Photography is an easy read at 62 pages,
and includes plenty of images.
The e-book is divided into six main sections:
1. The CameraWhat type of digital camera fits you?
2. The Digital DetailsYour guide to understanding
some basic digital camera functions.
3. Explore Your SettingsLearn what those shooting modes and settings can do for you.
4. The ArtSimple techniques for enhancing your images.
5. Then What?
The photos are taken now what will you do with them?
6. FAQ TimeI am frequently asked questions on a personal, as well as, technical level so I’ll do my best to answer them here.
Want to know a bit more about what you’ll get, including some sneak peeks?
Click HERE to go to the Project Photography site.
How do I get it?
I’m glad you asked! The e-book is an instant download. Simply go to the Project Photography site by clicking the button below, hit the Buy & Download tab, and you’re set!"

{Guess what a little birdie told me... a Project Photography Workshop is in the works!! Keep an eye out!}



  1. This is great Angie! Why did it take me so long to find this blog? Oh Golly!