Tuesday, October 13, 2009

{happy 100th post...yay!}

Little Savvy celebration...we've hit the 100th post...whoo hoo!

Thank you for being a part of the Savvy Photographer! I just love sharing with each of you and feel so very honored that you are all coming back to visit each day. {and the sweet comments and emails are very much appreciated! I love reading them!}

Did you check out The Creative Mama? Don't you love it!

Angie will share many more treats this week...today she is sharing her some of her favorite things...

"I have spent (will not admit to how much, lets just say TOO much) money on products that I've either been disappointed with or found didn't work with my style as I'd hoped. Trial & error I suppose. I'm constantly finding new and fun vendors and products, but am much more selective with where I'll hit "buy".

Some of the best purchases I've made...

Lilyblue Actions & Presets. (http://leahzawadzki.lilyblue.com/)

Can not rave enough about these presets. I use them 90% of the time and have tweaked them down to a T, creating a custom look all my own.

Design Aglow Inspire Guides. (http://www.designaglow.com)

It took a long while for me to invest in these but I'm thrilled that I did. Many, many late nights were spent customizing these to fit my branding but I'm just in love with the outcome! I send a link to clients so that they may view them at any time, and plan to have a book done up in the near future.

Paper Presentation. (http://paperpresentation.com)

During the occasional time I sell prints I use these folders, the customer service is awesome and shipping is super quick!

DVD Tins SKS. (http://www.sks-bottle.com)

Since I sell mostly digital images these days I want to present my clients with the best, even though they are simply being handed a DVD. These tins are perfect and beautiful, finished off with my signature blue ribbon.

Wordsmith by Joyce Smith. (http://joycesmithphotography.typepad.com/wordsmith/)

I have 2 of the 3 Guides and can not rave about them enough. The time it would have taken for me to come up with all of the information Joyce is so generous to give - I can only imagine... Wonderful purchase.

The Workshop Marta Locklear. (http://www.martalocklear.com/site2/index2.php)

Marta's workshop is well worth the investment, not only did I meet a great group of women, but I was stretched as an artist. My outlook on the business and my work were challenged and enriched. Absolutely something to check out.

Tickled Pink Paper + Ink Custom Stickers. (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7020750)

Teresa is such a sweet and talented artist, my stickers came super quick and I just adore them - sticking them wherever I can!

Florabella Textures.(http://florabellacollection.com/)

Shana Rae is an amazing artist who recently debuted her texture collection which I immediately purchased. I really love the vintage spin her textures put on my images. "

Angie...thank you so much for sharing such an awesome amount of amazing vendors!! So many new names to check out {and I will be checking them out today!}. We all know {and LOVE} Design Aglow...an absolute favorite of mine! I just love checking the blog for the next new product and to see how someone has taken their product and made it their own!
I've also fallen in love with the Flora Bella textures!
Have fun checking out the fun new places today!



  1. Well...there goes my day. THANKS you guys;) hehe. Love seeing all the fave vendors & products, inspires me a lot!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words about my textures! It feels wonderful to be mentioned in the company of so many great vendors! I'm so happy to have discovered this site as well... just gorgeous! ♥

    Shana Rae

  3. I have LOVED everything I have seen and read this week! LOVED! Can't wait for more goodness! :)

  4. It took me awhile to pull the trigger on the Inspire Guide as well, but I'm so glad I did! And I LOVE those tins!

  5. Happy 100th post!!! Thanks for the new places to check out! I will be busy all day!!

  6. Happy 100th post.
    I just found your site yesterday and I am in love!
    So many treasures and inspirations.
    Thanks so much to Angie for all she shared here...great resources!

  7. Awesome post!! Thanks so much for sharing. HAPPY 100th POST!