Thursday, November 12, 2009

{take out}

Send in your images of how you deliver the goods...we'd all like to your images here


Join us tomorrow to see some of our readers favorite products...



  1. I really, really, really hope that you're going to tell us all WHERE that fab little package came from...or at least how to do it ourselves! Love the tapeswell post ~ those are beautiful!

  2. So cute. What do you put in this?? I've been working on a little something to give to my clients when I meet them for the first time with wall galleries and such and I really wanted to use the chinese take out boxes but they are too small to fit a 4x6 in. I'd love to see what others do too. =)

    Thanks for all your great information on here. I love this blog!

  3. Oh, I'm excited to see! This is my biggest confusion right now.

  4. I too, am quite curious about the contents of this cute little package!

  5. the takeout box is from Michaels...I give my clients ornaments around the Holidays and these boxes worked great!