Sunday, November 8, 2009

{TapeSwell...tape that is just swell}

The boxes are ready to be shipped...Holiday cards for clients...and I desperately wanted a fun way to dress up my boxes to mail them...then I discovered TapeSwell. They have designed a line of decorative mailing and packaging tape...and the designs are divine! To view the entire collection, check out their site...and be inspired!

Here's a fun interview with the owner of TapeSwell, Eileen Eisele, who was a photo sylist before launching TapeSwell.

TapeSwell makes the practical pretty and the old new again.

Thank you Eileen for the fabulous goodies!



  1. Love it. And I LOVE this blog! Found it about a month ago, and I'm seriously addicted.

  2. LOVE these! Oh my they are pretty and just in time! I needed a packaging solution and now I have it! Off to their site...

  3. Awesome! Loving it...I can see myself stocking up on more than my fair share!

  4. Love this!!! Can I ask where you order your print boxes from? Having a hard time finding a good quality and price!

  5. OH! That is some pretty tape!! I love pretties for my studio :) Thanks for showing this! Im off to buy some.