Monday, March 8, 2010

meet {and greet} Genya Garrett

Post by Leslie Kerrigan

Stalking blogs is one of my favorite pastimes (you know you do it too). There are so many talented photographers out there, I could spend hours at my computer! But every once in a while, I will stumble across a blog that catches my breath and stops me in my tracks. {Vue Photography} is one of those blogs.
Genya and Wesleyann, the girls behind {Vue Photography}, post images that are truly amazing. The way they capture the true essence of the moment, makes me feel as if I was right there at the event with them instead of looking at a photo. Everything about these girls, from their awesome website and blog to their wonderful studio in beautiful Panama City, Florida, looks fun. And deep down, that is what their images project...two fun girls loving what they do and expressing that in their inspiring images.
Honestly, it makes me want to marry my husband all over again just so {Vue Photography} can capture the images! That would be one way I could hang out with Genya and Wesleyann! (does that really make me sound like a stalker or what?) :)
Thanks Genya for taking the time to answer the following questions....
Basic personal info but not too personal! :)

1.Where are you from? Married? Kids? (even though I know you just had a little girl)
I grew up in Atlanta. I got married after college...Chris is in the air force so they shipped us off to Cambridge, England for a few years, then here to Panama City, Fl. We should be here for quite a while! We have two amazing little girls {Harper, whose 2 weeks old and Mia, whose four}

2. How long have you been a photographer?
By the time I was in high school I knew I wanted to be a photographer so I went to college and worked my bootie off, soaking up as much information as I could! I've been working professionally for 8 years now :)

3. How did you get into the business?

When I first started out I worked for several commercial photographers, then an amazing studio...I really enjoyed all of the work experiences but soon realized that I would adore the flexibility of working for myself.
When we moved to Florida- that's exactly what I set out to do! When I was in college I never dreamed that I would shoot weddings- however I have to say that it's the exact corner of the industry that I should have been in all along! I feed off the emotion and girly excitement of the whole event! There is never a dull day! One of my first internships was for Scott Lowden Photography in Atlanta...he's does amazing work! I was basically an assistant that carried bags, picked up food- and helped on the set...aka. the grunt work- but I LOVED EVERY MINUTE and soaked up as much as I could.

3. Where did you go to school?

I went to Savannah College of Art and Design,
then finished up at a small school in Atlanta.

4. What is your photography style?
Hmm...totally personality driven. Spunky, Explosive, Genuine! We're emotion junkies!

5. What are your favorite types of pictures to take?
We adore going to new locations! They spark interest and inspire you to try new things. Usually with engagement sessions you really get to spin things and try out new ideas and themes! Recently some of our favorite sessions have included a carousel rides, vintage decor, and massive amounts of balloons

6. What is your favorite thing about wedding photography?
The WEDDING CAKE! Ha! But seriously...the LOVE, the fact that each event is completely different, the fast pace {we always compare weddings to running a marathon}. We love making the connections with our clients- not only capturing one of the most important day's of their lives but usually forming friendships too!

7. Tell us about your very first wedding that you shot?
The first wedding I shot was when I was in college and needless to say it was on film. All I can say it that I've grown TONS since then- but everyone has to start somewhere.

And Thank the Lord for digital!

8. How did you meet your photog partner?
Wesleyann and I met when she was a wedding coordinator for a local venue {she had studied photography in school but decided to go into coordinating}. As soon as we met I knew that we were going to be best friends! After about a year I was in need of someone full time and asked her about it- the timing couldn't have been better for her. It's been perfect ever since and I can't say enough how thankful I am to have such

an amazing business pal!
For me when I was looking to hire someone their personality was the most important thing! I wanted someone with enthusiasm, spunk, and didn't feel the need to walk in a straight line!

9. What was it that made you two click?
-We are both so similar but yet at the same time we balance each other out when needed! -Often compared to "firecrackers" we naturally have an abundance of energy! -We both love to laugh! -Adore our husbands and kiddos...and know balancing family and work is important!-We both share a love for caffeine and sweets!
I could go on and on!

10. You guys are featured in a lot of magazines, blogs, etc...tell us how you get such great exposure?
We feel sooo lucky to have been published by such amazing publications! We just constantly try to send in submissions and tweet our favorite events!

11. What are some of your best marketing ideas that help your business?
-Creating memorable ads -building great relationships with clients and vendors-getting published:)

12. What are some of the products you offer brides or other clients?
-digital files-coffee table albums-proof books-prints and canvases

13.What are some of the vendors you use for your products such as proof books, albums, etc.?
Digilabs, AsukaBook, WHCC, and Finao

14. Do you have a studio or do you work out of your home?
We have a studio in downtown historic Panama City. It's a cool old shop that we gutted together {along with the help of our husbands}! It oozes girlishness!

15. Favorite places to shoot?
Down town near our studio!
We love the old buildings and rough textures.

16. What inspires you as a photographer?
Books, magazines, videos...watching real life situations unfold!

17. What do you think makes your business so successful?
-staying humble-making sure that our style stays true to our personalities-being blessed with incredible clients and amazing vendors!

18. What is your proudest moment as a photographer?
Seeing how proud our parents are! {It's funny because I'm 29, married and a mother of two but their opinion means so much}You know when you are a kid you come home with art and your parents hang it on the fridge? My dad did that the first time I was published!

19. If you weren't a photographer, what would you be?
I can't even imagine!!!!

20. What is your best advice when it comes to photographing a wedding?
Keep your eyes open:) And really listen to your clients! Keep their personalities in mind! Stay excited and enthusiastic!

21. Are there any books, courses, mentorships that you did or would recommend to people to help them learn more about the business?
I would definitely say to take some BUSINESS classes! Seriously:) Us artsy peeps can forget that working for yourself involes a lot more then just shooting. Also- just do as many "internships" as you can!

22. What are some of the other blogs, publications, etc where you have been featured?
The KNOT, National issue ,InStyle Weddings,Weddings Unveiled, Southern Weddings, The KNOT, FloridaThe KNOT, Georgia Brides Florida

23. What types of ads do you do and where to you advertise?
For this year we have moved to all internet advertising:) We loved doing print ads but felt like more of our clients found us online. We're on sites like the KNOT and Wedding Chicks.

24.Where and what can we find you doing
when you are not taking pictures?
running, sipping a tasty libation, chasing our kids...
shopping with coffee in hand!

25. Are there any photographers that inspired you along the way and if so, who are they?
Everybody! That is one of the toughest questions because there are folks that inspire us everywhere:)

26. Do you blog stalk? If so, what blogs?
We always frequent all of the wedding blogs {like Style Me Pretty} ... it's super addicting!

27. What's in your camera bag?
Here's the short list:
3 5Dmark 2 bodies Several Canon lenses including some of my favs the 50mm and 24-105 quantum , SC battery packs, 2 q-flashes, pocket wizards, tons of 8 gig cards, gum and deodorant :)

{the Studio}

Thank you Leslie Kerrigan for a great interview and thank you to Genya for spending time with us at the Savvy! Check out their website...{Vue} Photography and their blog.



  1. I'm so going to be a stalker now too!

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    And the studio? Freakin AWESOME. I cannot wait until I have space in my house for all my work, rather than taking over the living room on a constant basis so it always looks like a disaster. How could you not be creative when surounded by such wonderfulness??

  8. I really enjoyed this post! I am just starting out myself (entirely self taught at the moment) and love spending time 'stalking' blogs. There are so many great and inspiring photographers to look up to and learn from! Vue Photography is definitely one of them!