Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photographer's Kick Start

The full updated release of the Photographer's Kick Start: Training module will take place on Friday May 21st. They will have a one day promotional price of $239 on Friday ONLY and then the price will go up to the full price of $299. They have added new content including some materials on advanced topics. And don't forget they have a great swag bag included with your purchase. {a goodie from Savvy is in there}
They will also be including the Photographers SEO book
, updated last month to include even more great information, for anyone that purchases on May 21st only! That's a $39 value so don't forget to make your purchase on Friday!

The best part of all...they are offering Savvy readers a special discount! You will get $20 off the purchase price when you use the code savvy20