Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the latest issue has just been released~

The latest issue of Taopan has just been released...they have changed up things and it looks great! The new layout is easy to read and includes great articles and the images are beautiful! Here's the link for the {complimentary} issue...gotta love that!



  1. I downloaded it last night and read your entry Marsha, then I had to put it down to finish some editing. I love the new layout.

  2. For real ANA ROCKS! I just returned from her bootcamp workshop and why she even calls it "workshop"...I have no idea, I get the boot camp part because, I came home and was able to get into pants I hadn't the week before:) However, it is seriously an INTERNSHIP....she truly brings you in her studio and puts you to work and everything is so hands on! She takes your investment into her workshop VERY serious and you leave feeling like you got every dimes worth! Why she is so affordable is beyond me because, she's worth a heck of a lot more. I have paid a lot more and got a lot less before! She also MAKES SURE you leave with incredible images...love love love her.

  3. Ok .. I've not commented to date .. Can I say your blog is AMAZING!!!!!!
    You just ROCK my world .. With all of the goodies .. vendors .. giveaways .. Contests .. You are just ONE AMAZING place to visit!!
    I just had to share ..
    I haven't joined your forum yet .. it's on my list of things to do .. But just wanted to stop in and tell you this!! Love ya xo