Sunday, June 6, 2010

savvy sister success

We are so excited for one of our Savvy Sisters~ check this out...

Here's what Andrea had to say about it on her blog...
"It all started when Marsha of The Savvy Photographer posted these pictures from the amazing Savvy Sisterhood Workshop that I attended. A few days later LA Parent contacted me about doing their June cover. I was thrilled, but didn’t know if it would really all pan out. Well, it ended up working AND they ended up choosing an image of Brendan for the cover! It’s so exciting for BOTH of us Make sure you check out Savvy AND LA Parent for some beautiful inspiration and awesome parenting information. Love them both!"

Congrats Andrea!



  1. Wow - that's great Andrea! Congrats. Thanks Marsha for making great things happen for the savvy sisters!

  2. Congratulations Andrea! Fabulous photo!

  3. Thanks ladies + Marsha. I love my Savvy Sisters!