Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

I wanted to share these images from the sweet Catherine Clay. I have wanted to see her new studio in Dallas and I was thrilled to get such a beautiful collection of images from her Holiday Open House. Here's what Catherine had to say ...

"We had a wonderful open house with about 60 children showing up with their parents.  We gave wonderful gifts to the parents and the children and I hired Santa to come for all of the kids.  He gave them each an iced cookie I had made.  For customer gifts this year, I had ornaments made for every family.  We had a desert bar and lots of wonderful refreshments for my awesome clients.  We had an entire tree decorated with all of the cards Catherine Clay Photography did this year.  A huge amount - the most we have done to date."

Thank you Catherine for sharing! You continue to inspire me with your amazing work and talent! {and your wonderful heart!}

Catherine is hosting the SWELL retreat with Marla Carta...I hope some of you got this from's the one workshop I'd have on my list!!


  1. I was curious to see what the outside of the building looked like. Do you have any images of the outside? I am most interested in seeing how they added the insulation to the outside.

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