Tuesday, February 15, 2011

home office makeover

Today we are showing an office makeover submitted by Heidi Lawson. Thank you Heidi for giving us a behind the scenes look at your workspace…we love it!

Here’s what Heidi had to say about her office makeover.

“My home office was a disaster. 4 kids ran in and out, as it is the main spot for all things homework, photo editing, bill paying, email checking, facebooking … and worst of all … the place I brought clients for image presentation appointments for my photography business (www.wishfulthinkingphotography.com). And so I took a long, hard look one day and realized I was embarrassed to actually have people seeing this space. Sooo many things were NOT working. While I tried to clean up the desk space (and those books off the floor!) before people came into my home, there just simply wasn’t enough room for everything! CDs were stacked haphazardly everywhere, boxes of papers were a jumbled, overflowing mess, there were stacks of things “to do” everywhere, and books were taking over the space. Change was in order!

And so began the great home office makeover. The goal? A space I could be proud of to bring clients in that could also meet the needs of my family ~ and not break the bank. Three weeks later … after painting, organizing, installing, lots of shopping, and dreaming … I have an office that makes me giddy when I peek in. I’m not a designer. I just went with paint and furniture and decoration that I loved. That said “ME”. But I am so happy with the end product. And now every time I walk into this room I get a little thrill now. Seriously, my heart skips a beat.

My favorite things about the space? Chocolate brown and sky blue color combination (same blue that I use to brand my photography business!). Lots and lots of storage space. My parsons chairs (from overstock.com) and felt pillows (local boutique). To-the-ceiling bookshelves (from Ikea). A reminder every day to “dream until my dreams come true” … as well as to “keep calm and snap on” (these signs can be purchased at photojojo, but I made this one myself to match my color scheme). Cameras on display ~ one is my very first SLR from when I was about 15, two belonged to my grandpa, and one is a folding camera just bought off of eBay. I have a vintage Brownie on the way, but I just couldn’t wait a second longer to take these pictures! Corner desk and long work table (from Ballard Designs). B&W photo of the Colosseum, that I took when I was 17. On display as a reminder that I have been dreamin’ this dream for a long time …”

Heidi Lawson




  1. Wow! That is beautiful and inspiring. I have just left a studio space to work from home again and your space makes me jealous! :)

  2. Love this space. So clean and classy, great job on the design. Could you possible share where you purchased those wonderful under the desk storage????

  3. Oh how gosh darn GORGEOUS is this!!! Thank you SOO much for sharing. This has given me so much inspiration to finally DO something with our back room....now to find the cash to do it with!

  4. Lovvvee her office! My favorite is her gorgeous bookcases.