Monday, May 2, 2011

Laura Winslow Photography Giveaway

The Mamas Rock giveaway is going on now at Laura Winslow Photography. The grand prize is huge...I would love to see a Savvy reader be the lucky winner. Head on over to find out how to enter and maybe walk away with the $6500 prize...yep...$6500! One of the prizes is a frame from the Savvy Store Cottage Collection. Good luck everyone!


  1. What an awesome give away. It would be a fabulous mothers day to win this. Love your blog and all the various flooring rugs you sell! Thanks for helping me to be a better photographer.

  2. You're my favorite vendor! Love the Barn Wood Flooring!!!

  3. Where can we find the ways to enter the giveaway? I am reading there are 15 ways to enter but not finding out what those ways are. I am new to the whole giveaways things on facebook, I have a page I may want to do that with sometime too but in the mean time, can you help? :) thanks!