Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Savvy Blog!

wow...two years ago today I launched the Savvy blog. 
Happy Birthday dear Savvy are my alter ego, the place I come to gather my own inspiration, the place where I spend many days and nights working and the place that has helped so many photographers achieve success and happiness in their work.
 I must say I love this blog. I think how lucky I am to have found "my thing" after all these years as a photographer. I have loved being a photographer and even love blogging about it more. 
I want to thank you all so much for joining me each day to get a little inspiration (hopefully more than a little). Here's to many more years with the Savvy!

It's time for a little celebration here...
There's nothing like celebrating with girlfriends...and enjoying a fun pink cocktail in honor of a fun venture I started two years ago and an exciting new venture starting today! We all know I'm talking about the new site The Daily Savvy Steal...I hope you'll join us there!  

Did you notice my "coffee filter" decoration? How fun is that! In case you didn't figure it out, it's the lower left corner picture...the white frilly thing. It's a white cylinder lantern from the 100 yen store {which is the dollar store here in Japan} it was basically a dollar and some change. Then I took a two packs of white "4 cup" coffee filters and hot glued them on...and there's my party decoration! 

I'm off to launch the new many things to do.

I just want to say thank you again for joining me each day...the Savvy blog is nothing without you...the readers!


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  1. How can I get some of those coffee filter lanterns? Love them and how you used it! Can you get it in the states?