Monday, February 13, 2012

Images from the Kotori Photo Jewelry booth at Imaging 2012

I still have more images to show of my favorite booths from Imaging 2012...even though it's been almost a month since we went. And next weekend many of you will be leaving for WPPI in Vegas! I will not be joining you...I think I'm still recovering from the great food and lovely cocktails in New Orleans...
I hope you all have a wonderful time...and get to meet many new vendors! Attending trade shows and seeing new products to offer to your clients is a must in this have no idea the wonderful options out there until you see it all in person! You will love it...and be a bit a good way!
These images are from the booth of our sweet friends at Kotori Photo Jewelry. They are two of the nicest people and they have fabulous products! If you are not already offering their jewelry line to your clients, you should be...or at least be wearing some yourself! 

To learn more about Kotori Photo Jewelry, 

I love their latest addition to the collection, The Sallee Pendant!


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