Friday, February 17, 2012

The Studio Tour of Diane Sage

 The Studio Tour of Diane Sage

Here's how Diane describes her studio~

"My studio is located in an old converted Mill space that was built in 1901 as part of the Amoskeag Mills in Manchester, NH.  The mill space was designed as a place for wool and fabric production and operated in that capacity until 1935.  In 1936, there was a flood that brought 10 feet of water into the first floor and left 3 feet of sand behind.  In the 19th century, the Amoskeag Mill building was considered the largest mills in the world and line the entire canal with some beautiful large mill spaces that have all been converted into business spaces and studios.

The building is considered a Historic district of Manchester with it's original hardwood floors, 15 foot ceilings and large windows that splash the space with tons of natural light.  I've been renting this space for over 12 years and the space purposely was never built with walls, to keep the creative energy flowing throughout.

The loft space built within the room was a way to take advantage of the vertical space in the building.  I designed the stair case and rails using very commonly found items.  I didn't want just standard spindles so I used metal lawn ornaments that are used in the upper part of the railing and metal floor mats that were built into the design to give the feeling of something totally unique and different.  It feels like a balcony you would find in old New Orleans and I love the overall look.

The space is mostly a meet and greet area for my clients but I also have been using the back area for baby, maternity and boudoir shoots.  There are also other areas in the building, such as the original freight elevator that I also use to shoot in to continue using the gorgeous backdrop this building has to offer.

My studio is designed with a  mix of old and new.  I love taking modern pieces and mixing them with antique items.  The client area is set up with a very modern feel, such as the glass fireplace, the ghost chairs and sleek, white modern sofa but in the upper space area above the closet, I have an original old window from the building before they converted them, antique luggage and a vintage child's bike.  I typically just buy stuff I love and then try and find a way to use them...I have a quirky look but it works for me.  My business is geared more towards weddings which is more on location work but I love having this place to meet with my clients and it's a wonderful place to come to work each day!" 

Thank you Diane for sharing the images of the studio with us...we love it!