Friday, April 13, 2012

The Savvy Review of "The Thriving Photographer" by Leah Remillet

The amount of products and marketing programs, etc. for photographers are endless...each day I see new things pop up geared toward helping photographers. But so many don't live up to the promises of helping you become a successful photographer that actually profits and loves her business! I am so impressed with the new program from Leah Remillet called The Thriving Photographer. Leah is also the face behind the popular blog go{4}pro

Leah has created a fabulous product to help you "thrive" as a photographer and it's absolutely wonderful! I've had the chance to review all of the materials...and when I saw all...I mean all...which is a ton of learning materials (including the Thrive Sheets...these are awesome) and a generous amount of  templates for your business, I knew this was a product I could recommend to my readers! 

The amount of information here is huge...she has included everything to take your business to the level of success that we desire. And the best part are the audio portions that you can take anywhere with you and listen on your ipod. These are also perfect to listen to while you do your late night editing.
My favorite audio is about her referral it!

Leah has created an amazing amount of info and I'm thrilled to recommend it to you. This isn't a bunch of fluff that you will quickly read through and wonder what you got out of it. This is so much information and learning tools (along with an amazing active business plan which is wonderful!) and the huge amount of audios (twenty five of them!).
Here's more from Leah telling about The Thriving Photographer.



  1. It's absolutely awesome. Kind of mind-blowing, in fact.
    I can't stop listening!!

  2. You know those people who are just so inspiring and motivating and uplifting? And when you listen to them, you feel like you can have it all too? Leah is DEFINITELY this sort of woman and her program is INCREDIBLE! I had a business for 3 years, then quit when I lost all faith in my own abilities. After purchasing her program, I feel like I have the tools I need to create a brand unique to myself, create an experience for my clients that is 100 times better than it used to be and be the photographer and mother I know I can be. Truly, Leah did not hold back any information.

  3. I also purchased The Thriving Photographer and couldn't be happier with it! You can tell Leah really thought through the entire program and explains so much about how to really own and take control of your business in order to be profitable and keep a great balance in your life. I was so inspired and motivated by this program that I decided to leave my full time job and make my photography business my priority. I believe this program is a true testament of what has made Leah successful in her business and I truly believe in this product. No matter if you have been in the business for many years or just starting out, this is an amazing tool and blessing for any photography business.

  4. Please do not confuse this program with the THRIVE Workshop created in 2011 by 15 year veteran photographers Karen Carey and Mara Blom Schantz.

    1. Nope. Definitely not a workshop. You get to listen to this baby in the comfort of your own home and at a pace chosen by you! A large part of why I love this Thriving Photographer program is that I don't have the stress or expense of traveling to a workshop. Nor am I rushed - scrambling to jot everything down rather than focusing whole-heartedly on the methods and mentality behind operating an amazingly successful business!

      With the Thriving Photographer audio book, we don't have to work at someone else's pace. We get to learn and develop at our own speed. AND we can stop, rewind, and listen again! The Thriving Photographer even provides all the forms, templates and scripts we need to really improve upon {or form!} our respective businesses.

      So thank you for highlighting that these are two distinctly different programs, Karen. Though the self-promotion was probably a bit over the top.

  5. The Thriving Photographer has changed my entire business for the better! I'm so glad to see others who have benefited in the same way, and such a great review from Savvy. I will attest that it's all true! It really is THAT great!

  6. The Thriving Photographer program is AMAZING to say the least! Leah's program truly answers all the questions I've ever had about how to finally run my business well to make the money I deserve doing what I love most in the world (while still having time for my family). She explains everything you'd ever need to know down to the last detail which I really appreciate. I love the audio portion! Leah is a fabulous speaker and I found myself nodding "yes" along with what she was saying as well as laughing at her humorous personal stories. She is so open and honest - I love that! While listening, I had so many "Aha!" moments that for a few weeks I got too excited to sleep some nights...I would wake up at 2 am full of adrenaline and excitement ready to put all her ideas to work. That's how motivated I feel from listening to her! All I know is that this program is exactly what I needed and feel so grateful she worked so hard to create this for all of us. Thanks, Leah!