Monday, August 6, 2012

come celebrate three years of Savvy!

Three short years...three long years. 
In some ways it feels like just yesterday that I started the Savvy blog...the excitement that day launching the blog and celebrating when we had 100 visitors...and now three years later...over one million visitors...and I'm still thrilled you are visiting!
It also seems like it has been forever since I have started the Savvy. It's like you feel after you have kids, "what in the world did I do with all my time before you came along?"
I will admit that sometimes I feel so consumed with the Savvy blog. I dream of how nice it would be to walk away from it all...not have the worry of what the readers will think if I don't blog today. I crave spending all my "spare time" with my family and being a more "present" parent...and making crafts from Pinterest...and going to lunch with friends. But then I realize how much I would miss this! I do enjoy this blog (most of the time...wink). There are the occasional "mean girls" that make me want to run away and hide...but then there are the thousands of wonderful, sweet, kind and precious girls that make it the best thing I've ever done business wise. So thank you, thank you! 

I bet you came to hear about the giveaways, huh?
You're in's the deal:
visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instragram (@SavvyPhotographer) today...and we will announce the next giveaway...and you will have an hour to enter...and the winners will be announced all day! 

What can you win? Savvy goodies!

We will be giving away over $3000 in prizes from the Savvy Store. The lucky readers will win the Savvy Digital Collection (valued at $315)...and a very few lucky ones will win the very popular Savvy flooring or the wonderful Cottage Collection frames
Stay tuned to win...don't miss out...check out Facebook today and make sure to "like" the status updates...otherwise you won't see what's up for grabs next!

We don't want anyone to leave the party without a this week only, we are giving you all a sweet discount:
20% off the Savvy Frames (use the code birthday)
20% off  the Savvy Flooring (use the code birthdaysale)
30% off all of  Savvy digital products (use code birthdaydigitalsale)

Enjoy the party! And thank you for helping us celebrate!


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  1. I love your blog and have been a fan from the very beginning. Thank you for sticking with it so that we can all get our daily(or almost daily ;) ) dose of eye candy. I dream that one day my studio will be featured on your blog... now to get to actually doing something more than a shooting room with my space! And a big thumbs down to any mean girls who want to come and try and bring you down.