Monday, August 13, 2012

Free download from the Savvy

It's a free download from The Savvy Photographer! 

The kids are going back to school...and that means morning madness around my house. I have a six year old that needs to be told things more times than I can count. I'm constantly asking "did you brush your teeth?" "did you find your shoes?" "do you have your backpack?" my solution was to make a chart. But for some kids, reading doesn't come easy. And that's the case with my "second round" Kindergartner. We discovered this year that her brain isn't wired like other kids her age...and learning is a huge challenge for her. And with that challenge come frustration. 
We took pictures of everything that our morning routine involves...and added them to our chart. She goes to the chart and marks off what she has done. And she gets to mark one off just by waking up...which starts it off on a happy note! 
Today was her first day of this school year and it worked like a dream! She was a happy camper checking things off! 
Enjoy the download! 
It contains a layered psd file (that's a photoshop file for those who don't know) so you can change things around...add your own images (or you can use mine...if you have a boy, you might want to change them), change the colors, add a name...make it your own. (just don't try to resell it please)
But for all of you non-photoshop people, the file also contains 6 jpgs that you can print the way they are. Three are sized for 12x18 dry erase boards (have them printed at and three are sized 8.5x11. Just print them straight on your computer and fill in a new one each day.
I've included a "green version" for you moms with boys and I also included a chart with the words instead of images...AND a chart with blank squares...they can color in their daily task or write it in accordingly.
I hope you enjoy!

And did I mention it's free! 
Please feel free to share our site link with your friends so they can enjoy the download too!

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(pardon the was early in the morning and still dark out. We put it on the extra fridge in the laundry room...not ideal for photography :)


  1. Very Cute!!!! My 6 year old will flip for this, thanks so much! - Amanda

  2. Such a great idea! I love this! I just might have to make one for my nephew.

  3. Great concept for going back to school or what to do in the office to give you visual prompts. Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much! :) ~Elise