Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pay it Forward

"We are 6 photographers who came together to "Pay It Forward" by using our God given talents. We hope to bless others with the gift of memories in photo form. We are also here to challenge other photographers to do the same. This is our attempt at using the talents we have been given to bring some happiness to this holiday season for others!" 

Here's more about this wonderful project~ 

We are six local ladies that are teaming up to use our talents to “Pay It Forward”. Inspired by a fabulous Arkansas photographer, Amber Lanning , we all teamed up to share our talents and give to others. We are all signing up to do a photoshoot for a family that may have had a rough go this year, a child that may be struggling from an illness, or a community hero that needs some recognition. We hope to capture beautiful memories for these families that may brighten their holiday season, as well as brightening ours by giving back.

We are not only pooling our talents, we are challenging the whole photography community to do it as well.   This is the season to give. We are taking our challenge worldwide. What better gift to give than the timeless treasure of a family photo. We all have different talents that the Lord has blessed us with, this is the time to use them. Not every family has the luxury of booking a session for holiday photos and spending time choosing the perfect Christmas card photo. A family photo is a cherished gift. It’s an heirloom item. A gift that can be passed from generation to generation. We are all thankful that this is something we can offer to others.  First Peter (vs 4:10) says “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faith stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” {NIV} We believe that it is in serving others that we truly serve God. What better way than to serve with the talent He bestowed upon us. October, November, and December are a photographers “busy season”. We are all running crazy these months. We wanted this project in the midst of this crazy season to help us re-focus on “the good stuff”. A project like this always brings you back to center. We find it actually creatively improves all your other work too. We are also thankful for one another and the fact that we can all come together for a greater good to Pay It Forward. This group of ladies wanted our community to see too that we support one another and work together.  If every photographer we reach could “Pay It Forward” to one family, what a blessing as a photography community we could bestow upon so many individuals worldwide this season. Our group will begin taking submissions via email beginning November 12, 2012. Submissions must be emailed to The submission deadline is Monday December 10, 2012 at noon.

We are all so very excited about this project. If you are a photographer and are up for our challenge, please hop over to the photographers page for details about how to participate. Please keep checking back. We plan on posting our winners and their photo shoots. We hope to tell you a little of their story.

What an amazing thing these six photographers have started! I invite you all to join them...what a huge difference this could make in so many lives! I'm so proud of each of these girls....thank you for stepping up and making this world a better place!

Katie McDill: Katie McDill Photography
Renee Reedy: Renee Reedy Photography
Katie McCrary: Katie McCrary Photography
Masa Kathryn Hensley: Masa Kathryn Photography
Emily Anne Callaway: Callaway & McCrary (video fusion)
Elizabeth Behm: Elizabeth Behm Photography  

To find out how you can get involved, click here


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  1. We all want to write a heartfelt thank you to The Savvy Photographer. She took time today to dedicate a whole post on her blog to help us spread the word. If you don't currently read Marsha, you should. She is one of a kind. She is one sharp cookie and she lays it all on the line and never holds back. She says what we are all feeling , but scared to share. She promotes like no other and her business is 2nd to none. FROM ALL OF US TO YOU MARSHA....YOU ARE ONE SPECIAL LADY THAT CAN PAY IT FORWARD LIKE NO OTHER! THANK YOU FROM THE PAY IT FORWARD MISSISSIPPI GIRLS!