Monday, November 19, 2012

The Jason Crowther Fund

Many of you have already heard about the death of Jason Crowther, the owner of, and the devoted husband and father to three little boys. It breaks my heart to think of those boys right now without their daddy. And his wife, Amy,  is absolutely devastated at the reality of losing her husband and best friend.   

Amy wrote Jason's obituary and her words about Jason are unforgettable. The love he had for his family was's what Amy wrote:

"The very first thing that attracted me to Jason was how genuine and generous he was. Always there for people. He probably would've been a rich man if he wouldn't have spent his money on everyone else. It made him so happy to buy people things. As a bachelor he loved taking groups of people out to dinner and paying the whole bill. As a dad and husband he loved buying his boys treats at the gas station. He loved bringing me home surprises. Pajama pants, purses, jackets, chocolate, gardening gloves, laundry baskets. Everything and anything. He loved it. When we found out we were having our first child and that it was a boy, Jason was so excited. Especially to name him Bjorn. Such a special name. Then we were blessed with two more boys and I don't know if there ever was a more happy, proud, daddy. Each time we found out we were having a son, he was on top of the world. They brought him more joy than anything. I asked my boys to tell me some of their favorite things about their dad. And this is their list. Playing with him, buying donuts, snuggling with him, buying treats, going to the gas station, playing catch, playing with Walker, buying iPods for us. He had a special bond with each boy. He drove Bjorn to school every day. Even though he could never leave on time and made Bjorn tardy every day, I appreciated him wanting to have that time with his son. Bjorn loved snuggling with dad on the couch and talking or playing on his iPod. He loved when Jason would tell him stories. He loved Jason and truly knew he had a cool dad. Isaac never let Jason leave without a couple hugs, 10 million "I love you's", knuckles, high fives, and still he would cry when dad left and say "I need to give dad a hug!" He would settle for calling him and telling him "I love you." He made it clear that he loved his dad. He adored him. Little Walker lit up any time he saw Jason or heard his voice. I never even tried to hold him if Jason was around because it was no use. He wanted his daddy. He would sit on the bathroom floor in the morning and watch Jason get ready. Walker melted Jasons heart. Jason sure knew how to treat a girl. He always made sure I was comfortable and had what I needed. He would rub my feet every night. He made me feel like I was the worlds greatest chef because he would take a picture of the dinners I made and send it to his friends. He always thanked me for the way I kept the house and took care of the kids. He always let me know how he felt. I loved feeling loved. Jason loved his business. He was so personable and wanted to do everything to make people happy. He had a way with people. They automatically felt connected and comfortable with him. People would share their life stories with him. I would tease him about being a therapist on the side. He had that comfy couch in his office and people felt connected to him. He loved it. I would joke with him about all his "photographer girlfriends". You all made his business what it was and I'm forever grateful. Jason loved his mom and 5 sisters. He had a special way with them. They made him into the man that he was. Sensitive, kind, loving, generous, hardworking, observant, nurturing, full of compliments, good friend, affectionate. A down right good man. He is deeply loved and will be missed more than words can say. The world will not be the same. We are grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that teaches us that families can be forever. This earth life is a small moment. We will see him again. I know it. We will live our life to honor him and show our love to him."

The financial burden Amy is under right now is tremendous. We are doing everything we can to help her and we hope you all can help out too. Donations are greatly appreciated and we hope to ease some of Amy's burden right now. The wonderful Skye Johansen has set up a link for those wishing to donate to Amy here to read more about Jason and to donate.  Any amount will help...and be greatly appreciated. 

This week as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, please pray for those who are without their loved ones and missing them. 


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