Friday, December 28, 2012

Want to hang out in Atlanta with us?

We are so excited to team up with Leslie Kerrigan from Seniorologie to offer our readers a chance to attend a "Senior Shoot out" here in Atlanta. Next month many of you will be heading to Atlanta for Imaging USA 2013 and we thought this would be a great opportunity to bring our readers together and create one-of-a-kind sets for the attendees to build their senior portfolios with.

If you haven't planned on attending Imaging, you should! Many aren't sure what Imaging is all about and I can assure you if you haven't been to an photography trade show before, this is the best one to start with. The expo trade show last three days and it cost nothing (most companies give out trade show passes, let me know if you need one). The trade show is a great ways to introduce yourself to new products and meet the people behind many of your favorite companies. You will come home super inspired and ready for a successful 2013! 
If you live local, you have no reason for not coming...right? Some girls have worried they don't know anyone and don't want to come alone...and I think the senior shootout is a great way to meet girls and have someone to hang out with at the expo. You will leave with new friends! 
We will all be meeting up for dinner that weekend for those shoot out attendees who want to join us!

Some of you have had a few questions about the shoot out and I've ask Leslie to explain things a bit more...

Tell us the basic concept behind the Senior Shoot Out?
 When planning shoot outs, I really try to give the attendees something that they would normally see with seniors and something that is a bit more concept-y (I love making up words!).  Sometimes it is hard to pull off things with themes or concepts by yourself, so it is always fun to do something out of the ordinary at a shoot out.  But, like I said, I also like to do something that seniors would relate to as well.  A good mixture of both for shoot outs!!

So for the Atlanta shoot out, we are doing two days of photo shoots.  One outdoor and one indoor and we have different themes/sets for each day.

The outdoor shoot will be in downtown Atlanta so we are doing an Urban Winter shoot with the girls dressed in sweaters, hats, jeans and more.  Just something girls would wear hanging out, maybe going to a coffee shop.  And then the concept one is an ice skater.  This is a girl dressed in a cute winter white dress, fun tights, fur vest, mittens and more.  She will have a pair of ice skates as a prop.

The indoor shoot will be in a studio where we will be able to practice natural window light and artificial light.  These sets are super fun as well.  One will be based on a party theme.  Think New Year's Eve or Prom.  The girls will be dressed in cocktail attire and we will have fun props such as confetti, balloons and lots of sparkle.  The other set will be a snow white concept.  This will have an awesome snow covered backdrop, apples, red lips on the model and a fun cape.

How does this help those wanting to shoot more seniors?  I have done shoot outs in Vegas and at The Savvy Photographer Workshop and in both situations, attendees leave wanting to shoot more seniors.  I think just getting out there and practicing with real seniors that aren't your clients will boost your confidence for shooting that age group.  Some photographers are nervous to photograph seniors because they don't know how to act around them or they are afraid the senior will think they are not cool.  But getting out there and interacting with them will help you see that they are a fun age group to photograph!  I also think that if you are wanting to get into the senior market it is super important to have seniors in your portfolio.  Show what you want to shoot so people will start to look to you for senior portraits.  Showing cool things that maybe you wouldn't normally do will attract a cool clientele and broaden your reach in your area.  You may not get the senior wanting to be snow white, but you will get the senior who thinks that is cool and will remember you because of that awesome photo shoot you did.

It is such a great way to learn, grow as a photographer, gain experience and gain beautiful photos for your portfolio.  Every time you go out and shoot, you are gaining knowledge, experience and improving your skills.  Shooting without the pressure of a paying client, gives you the freedom to think outside the box and push yourself past your comfort zone.  At all our shoot outs, we pair attendees with a photographer who guides them through the process, shows lighting and posing techniques and answers questions.  Attendees have gone on to add seniors to their business or they have built websites with to-die-for portfolios.  And all of the attendees have not only learned something from the photographers on hand to teach but also those that attended.  And they have left with a support group like no other!!!

Are you ready to attend??
We have seats open to purchase and look forward to meeting you!! To grab a spot at the Atlanta shoot out, go here to purchase.  The price is $195 for one day or you can attend both days, January 19 and 20, 2013 for $300. The shoot out is a three hour, completely styled photo shoot. 

And you know we wouldn't let you walk away without a fabulous swag bag full of goodies right? 
So what are you waiting for? Join us!

Stay tuned tomorrow, I hear Leslie will be announcing an image contest that could have a seat to the Shoot Out as the Grand Prize!!

The above images are from past Seniorologie shoot outs.

Check out the inspiration board below that inspired the Snow White Princess Set that we will be shooting in Atlanta!!


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  1. Hi I will be attending the expo only for a day due to schedule conflicts and would love to know how to obtain a pass for the expo - if you have extra to give out I would really appreciate it - thanks elizabeth