Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vendor week day three

Welcome back to vendor week!

We had a slight delay yesterday due to illness...but we're back today!

Our vendor today is Marketing and Props for Photographers.

Business Name~ Marketing and Props for Photographers

Facebook address~

How many years have you been in business ~ 
photographer 12 years, prop shop 5 years

How did you decide to start this business ~
 I have been a newborn photographer for nearly 12 years. A few years ago I was looking for props that would add that something special to my portraits but did not outshine the baby AND I love an antique/rustic feel. I found our gorgeous antique wooden bowl replicas and loved them so much I now offer a whole line to other photographers.  Since then we’ve added handmade rustic baby beds and some knit blankets and hats as accessories.

Where are you located ~ 

Do you run your business alone...or an entire team  ~ 
this girl does it all by herself – well the hubby helps when he can ;) and he does make the rustic beds!

Do you work at home in pj's or in an office ~
work at home but I am usually in workout clothes (my other passion)

***We have a special discount for the savvy readers...20% off a rustic pine bed...use the code savvy.


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