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Meet the lovely Lisa Furey!

It's Friday...and I'm ready for the weekend!
I'm so behind on posting my photographer interviews...and it's my favorite feature on the blog. I love getting to know more about people and how they were lead to a career in photography.
Today we are welcoming Lisa Furey to the Savvy blog!
I'm so excited Lisa will be joining me in Atlanta soon as a guest speaker at the Savvy studio workshop! *(we have a few seats left for the workshop...grab them while you will be a wonderful two days of learning and some great styled shoots!)

Will you share with us how you started your career in photography?

It was the pending adoption of my daughter that brought me into the photography community in 2008.   It was at this time that I began blogging.  Once I started to visit other blogs, I was completely consumed by the amazing photos.  I wanted to have photos like that of my own children so I retired the Kodak point and shoot and picked up my first dslr.   Like so many, it started as a hobby and just for fun, but then it became a true passion.   In 2009 I took a few classes and found out what a camera could really do once you turned the dial past the little green box.  Within the next year, close friends and family members began to ask if I would take photos for them.  At the same time, online friends and other bloggers were asking me to share what I was doing to my photos and how I was achieving certain looks.  After a few months of wavering back and forth, I began teaching and sharing my approach to photography.  It has been an incredible experience on so many levels.  I get to do what I love, give other people photos they love, and teach photo enthusiasts how to go out there and take pictures they will love and treasure forever.

What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

My favorite subjects are my children…. or any children for that matter.  I love to capture their beauty, their innocence, and their spur of the moment actions.   I also find food photography therapeutic and fun.   I really enjoy being in the kitchen and love to cook, so before I go in for the first bite, I will often photograph what I am about to eat.

What do you think makes your business stand out from the other photographers in your area? 

I have a very outgoing yet approachable personality, yet I am always up for a challenge.   I like to explore and look for new locations and places to shoot so that everyone has a unique experience.   I never sit still and continually try to learn new things so I don’t become stagnant in an ever changing and fast paced industry.  I also try to stay true to my style and to myself instead of trying to be everything to everyone. 

Who or what inspires you as a photographer?

Children inspire me most, but so do soft colors, pretty light, and clothes.  I know it sounds funny, but when I am shopping and see certain outfits, I can visualize the photo shoot in my mind.  So it starts with an outfit and progresses from there.  I also like to frequent antique malls.  Here in PA we have more than a few and sometimes I will get lucky and find a gem.

What are you favorite products that you offer your clients?

There are so many great products available, but very large canvases are my absolute favorite.  They have such a WOW factor and there is nothing quite like delivering them and seeing the expression on a client’s face when they are staring at their loved ones in large print.

I adore your blog, The Long Road to China... when do you find time to blog?

I try to blog late at night after my kids are tucked in or first thing in the morning while the house is quiet and I can drink my coffee and collect my thoughts. 

Do you shoot with Canon or Nikon?

I am a Canon girl.  The very first camera my husband purchased for me was a Canon EOS 40D.  Since then I have upgraded twice and currently, I shoot with a 5D Mark iii.

Favorite thing in your camera bag?

This is a tough question to answer.   It changes from week to week, but for now I have to say that my 135mm f2.0 lens.  It is just DREAMY.

What's your Savvy indulgence?

A good red wine, an Italian pastry, or shopping of any kind!

Will you share with us the proudest or most memorable moment as a photographer?

There are so many wonderful things that have occurred over the years because of photography, but I think the most memorable moments come from the emails or phone calls from prior students who want to express and share that they have also found passion in photography.   One morning I woke up to a beautiful note written by one of my former students who now has a booming business.   She went on to thank me for getting her started all those years ago and for giving her a good foundation and the confidence to go out there and start a successful business of her own.  There once was a time that I doubted myself and my abilities and whenever I am having a bad day or get down, I pull out that little note as a reminder.   I love that I can help others find themselves in photography.   It has brought so much joy to my own life and it is so rewarding to watch others find their joy too.  It keeps me going and striving to be a better person and photographer.

Lisa uses the beautiful actions from Florabella and will teach the attendees at the Savvy workshop her editing techniques and will show the Florabella actions in use.

Thank you Lisa! 
You can see more of Lisa's work on her blog, The Long Road to China and 2HipChics.


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  1. A beautiful interview of a very special professional lady! Lisa's work has inspired, her teaching began my journey to grow a photography business, and she touches everyone she meets with her kindness and business knowledge! Wish I could join the upcoming workshop but every participant will leave better equipped to serve their clients and grateful for the opportunity to have met Lisa. Thanks for sharing this interview!