Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Worth of a Workshop

"The Worth of a Workshop"
by Dyan Witt

Remember those "Priceless Moment" commercials that Mastercard created in the late 1990's?

I believe the worth of a workshop is priceless!

Several years ago when I was an aspiring photographer charging literally pennies for my work, I never imagined I could afford to attend a photography workshop. The cost of the workshop could not be justified by the small amount of money I was making. I knew I needed to learn and grow to become better but I could NOT invest that amount of money in myself or my business. Let me tell you I was completely wrong to have had that mind set and I am here to discuss with you what has changed my business, my myself and my future to be brighter than I could have ever imagined!

Last summer while surfing Facebook instead of editing, I came across the Savvy workshop that was going to be held within driving distance of my home. I immediately thought "no plane ticket" so that was one less expense. Maybe I could make this work… after several discusses with my husband (the money man), my mother-in-law (the babysitter) and a close friend/photographer (the support network) I registered for the  The Savvy Photographer Workshop.  So 13 months ago I sat in a multimillion dollar mansion on the waters of Alys Beach Florida trying to absorb as much information as I could during the Savvy Photographer Workshop. I learned the skills to create a successful boutique portrait business. I had the industries leading female photographers help me to create strategies to become a unique high end photographer. I learned about editing, customer service, marketing, packaging, contracts, SEO, website designs, how to stand out in the industry and countless secrets from the speakers who shared every detail about their successes.   I wrote down my business goals one year- 5 years- 10 years out.  And most of all, I created bonds with fellow female photographers that continue to grow stronger everyday!  We uplift and support each other through private Facebook chat rooms, emails and phone calls. We share business ideas, marketing strategies and so much more. We are there to support each other no matter what!  
I have be lucky enough to attend both of the Savvy Sister~ Alys Beach workshops! Since the workshops,  I have had several (okay MANY) questions. Without hesitation,  the speakers that were at my workshops responded immediately with great advice. Yes, without hesitation!  I have Laura Winslow, Kara May, Leslie Kerrigan from Seniorologie, Jamie Schultz, Kelli France, Alice Park from NAPCP, Stephanie Fisher and of course Marsha Mifsud rooting me on from the sidelines and they have all helped me. How could you put a price tag on something like that?

I am so thankful for The Savvy Photographer, Marsha Mifsud, for creating such a unique retreat experience and helping me to make my dreams come true!!  In less than one year, I am living far beyond what I could have dreamed! Average sales are $1600 per client and that is a figure I NEVER imagined I could fetch. 

Check out my post from the workshop:
Who Said Learning Wasn't Fun?

Thank you Dyan!!

The next Alys Beach workshop is about to be announced! The dates are April 30- May 3, here to learn more. Email to add your name to the pre-registration list.


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