Friday, July 31, 2009

our life {with a paneled backdrop}

I was very inspired by the photo wall from
Stephanie {Nie Nie} Neilson's kitchen...
i love the wall and wanted one just like it.
So this was a little project i did while
"cleaning" the basement today.
When we moved recently,
I collected all the many images I have printed
over the last 11 years {since welcoming our first child into the world} and put them in a box...
knowing what i wanted to do with them.
Today was the perfect rainy day to hang out in the
basement and work on the project. { did not take the day...just the hour that my 3 year old napped}
The box still has many more pictures...
and the wall has much more room.
I will add more...over time...but for now~ i just love it~
even with dreaded paneled wall in the background.
This little gallery {that may be tacky to some}
is just a reminder how lucky I really am...
because 12 years ago I never thought this wall would exist...
thank you for existing!


1 comment:

  1. holy cr_p, that's fantastic! you did this while the baby napped for an hour? just deciding which images to use would take me a month! you should be very proud of yourself; it looks great! that's a great way to put your stamp on a room; I love it!